ÖZENİR HYDRAULIC CYLINDER started its operations in the sector in 1996.

ÖZENİR HİDROLİK; Sektördeki faaliyetine 1996 yılında başlamıştır.

ÖZENİR HYDRAULIC CYLINDER MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY started its operations in the sector in 1996. It maintains its position in the sector with high-quality materials and skilled labour.

Due to the high-quality and practicality of our products, it is at the same level as European norms. With its steady growth momentum and manufacturing experience gained, it has reached the strength it has today. In order to provide better service to our customers, we continue our work with an approach that constantly renews itself in parallel with the innovations in the manufacturing sector and closely follows the technological developments. continue…

Reliable, high-quality, stable performance and durability.